Friday, July 25, 2014

The Center of the Universal Sphere

This is not a normal blog entry - it's basically just a poem that I decided not to post on Facebook, mostly because it's a bit longer than the ones I've written in the past.  Just as a very quick introduction, this poem summarizes some ideas (not necessarily completely original or unique) that I've been formulating and tossing around in my head for probably about a year now.  I'm not sure how well it's all explained in this format, but I thought it might be important to start providing some order to all of these ideas.  Since I've gotten into writing some small poems during my time in Uganda, it just ended up coming out this way.  If something strikes you as interesting, or if I need to explain something in more detail, feel free to send me a message, and I'd be happy to talk about it!

The Center of the Universal Sphere

Somewhere clear of the confines of time,
Outside the gaze of the stars,
None hears the sound of the midnight chime,
Or sees the face full of scars.
Space and time as we know them to be,
At that point, they pass away,
While the triumphs and trials of life are set free,
To be perceived in a different way.

Is it true, what I hear, that none sheds a tear
In the center of the universal sphere?

On the surface of the sphere, full of spirit and thought,
Lies the realm of our waking eyes,
Where something like love can be sold or bought
Or sunk in a lake of lies.
One cannot dismiss this plane’s imperfection,
Yet good could still be supplied,
For the surface offers space for expression, through action,
Of spirit-touched love from inside.

Each soul, it seems clear, as a cross could appear,
At which matter and spirit cohere.

Surface points on the sphere, irrespective of kind,
Can exhibit each component quality.
In the material plane, specific form one will find,
Along the radius, spiritual beauty.
But greatest value will come from the two vectors’ sum,
And connecting one’s own to others’,
For no fortunes or doctrines or dogmas should come
Before love for life’s sisters and brothers.

Touching points there and here, inner lines will draw near
To the center of the universal sphere.

The shortest distance to steer between two points on an arc
Is a line that cuts inside the curve.
Tensile force then pulls points toward the central mark
And fires a spiritual nerve.
These lines show relationships of peace and equality
Among people and all of existence,
A collectively-formed filter to reduce the turbidity
That clouds the spiritual substance.

And in a soul’s final year, when matter’s ties disappear,
Perhaps connections propel it into the sphere.

But what of the tear about which there was query
Whether ever it falls in the core?
Now I cannot be sure, but I present here a theory
Based on that which has come before.
There are those who do not form connections of peace,
Or of love, or equality, or kindness.
Instead they pursue, seeming never to cease,
The means to power, to wealth, and to blindness.
Some prey on those who they see as below them,
Or those who seem not quite the same,
While some, solely fixed on a goal or a gem,
Are indifferent to those losing the game.
But although they may gain all the things they have sought,
Time fades power and fine, precious stone.
The permanent value of love they have not,
Without connection, souls drift off alone.

So perhaps, a soft tear, for these souls will appear,
And for those whose connections they shear.

But let us be clear, yes, let us remember
That these sad souls are not simply “they”,
For in each of us fidgets a flickering ember,
Burning to keep connections away.
Yet in all of us also is a stream from the center
That supports and joins one to another.
All we need do is allow it to enter,
To flow, and the flames it will smother.

So join hands without fear, and together draw near
To the center of the universal sphere.